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Beixi Liu

Beixi Liu, In 2021, he became a director of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter.

Beixi Liu,2021年,他成为了全加华人协进会(平权会)多伦多分会的理事。

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My Story

Beixi Liu, an organizer at the Workers Action Centre. WAC is a community organization that fight for the workers' rights, particularly for the rights of workers who are on low wage and unstable employment. Before joining WAC, Beixi had worked on many bad jobs that are precarious, temp agency, low wage and have little/no protection.

Beixi Liu,工人行动中心的组织者。工人行动中心是一个为工人争取权利的社区组织,特别是为那些低工资和不稳定工作的工人争取权利。在加入WAC之前,Beixi曾做过很多不稳定的工作,包括临时工、低工资,工作几乎没有保障。

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