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Celia Huang

Celia Huang, In 2018, she became a director and then co-chair of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter. In 2021, she was re-elected as co-chair for the second term.

Celia Huang, 在2018年成为全加华人协进会(平权会)多伦多分会的理事,然后成为联合主席。在2021年,她当选第二任期的联合主席。

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My Story

Celia Huang (she/her) has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Waterloo. Her

doctoral research produced new knowledge on how intergenerational Chinese immigrants in

Toronto preserve a sense of “home” by focusing on Chinese food sharing as an important

cultural heritage and everyday practice.


At work, she manages and conducts high-quality research to push for a more equitable society including research projects that improve health care for people experiencing marginalization during the pandemic and create a knowledge inventory to strengthen the ecosystem for immigrant labour market integration. 


As the co-chair, she aims to serve members, volunteers, staff, and board, to work together for improving wellbeing for people in the Chinese Canadian community, especially those who are marginalized.

Celia Huang (她/她)拥有滑铁卢大学社会学博士学位。她的博士论文研究了多伦多一代和二代华人移民如何通过分享中餐来保留“家”的感觉。





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