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Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang, In 2022, she became a Director of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter.


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My Story

Jing Zhang (she/her) is a full-time international student at the University of Toronto. She studies Canadian’s higher education systems, and her fields of interest are education equity, social mobility, and disciplinary power in education.


Previously, Jing Zhang worked as an educational counselor in mainland China for six years. She provided advisory services to 600+ students, and the topics included education systems, general admission issues to universities, immigration/visa policies, career paths, and qualification exams in different countries. She is proficient in Chinese and Cantonese and familiar with the online IRCC system and materials requirements for immigration and visa purposes.


In October 2022, she became a Board Member of the CCNCTO organization for the 2022-2023 term. She looks forward to contributing to this dedicated organization and working with a diverse, warm, and supportive team.  




此前,张靖曾在中国大陆工作。她做了6年的教育咨询顾问,并为超过 600 名学生提供咨询服务,主题包括不同国家的教育体系、录取要求、移民和签证政策,以及职业道路规划和资格考试准备等。她精通中文和粤语,对IRCC线上系统和移民签证所需材料非常熟悉。


2022 年 10 月,她成为了 CCNCTO 组织的董事会成员,任期为 2022-2023 年。 她期待为这个有意义的组织做出贡献,并与一个多元化、温暖和支持的团队合作。

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