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Philbert Lui

Philbert Lui, In 2021, he became a director of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter.

Philbert Lui,2021年,他成为了全加华人协进会(平权会)多伦多分会的理事。

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My Story

Philbert Lui is a multimedia producer, interdisciplinary artist, and filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada with roots in Hong Kong. For over a decade, he has worked with various non-profit, cultural, and arts organizations such as Kollaboration Toronto, the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter, and The Japan Foundation. His artistic practice examines speculative narratives and genre fiction within mediums of film, video, poetry, and zine-making. Whenever there’s a chance, Philbert will temporarily abandon time and space to deep dive into an endless watchlist of films, comics, and video games, often with a bag of chips within arm’s reach.

Philbert Lui是一名多媒体制作人、跨学科艺术家和电影制片人,在加拿大多伦多定居,并扎根于香港。十多年来,他一直与各种非营利、文化和艺术组织合作,如多伦多Kollaboration、多伦多Reel亚洲国际电影节、加拿大华人全国委员会多伦多分会和日本基金会。他的艺术实践在电影、录像、诗歌和杂志制作等媒介中研究推测性叙述和类型小说。只要一有时间,Philbert就会暂时忘记时间和空间限制,深入到无尽的电影、漫画和视频游戏的观看清单中,往往一袋薯片触手可及。

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