Anti-racism & Fight Against
anti-Asian Racism


CCNCTO has been a strong advocate for anti-racism work. During the pandemic, we have continued this in our fight against anti-Asian racism. Find out more about our work in fighting COVID-19-related anti-Asian racism at


CCNCTO is leading a community-based research project that investigates the impact of misinformation and hate speech in Chinese ethnic media, funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage. This project specifically interrogates Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, and anti-refugee sentiment across Chinese ethnic media. 

CCNCTO 一直是反种族主义工作的坚定倡导者。 在大流行期间,我们在反对反亚裔种族主义的斗争中继续这样做。 在 上了解更多关于我们在打击与 COVID-19 相关的反亚洲种族主义方面所做的工作。

CCNCTO 正在领导一项以社区为基础的研究项目,该项目由加拿大遗产部资助,调查华裔媒体中错误信息和仇恨言论的影响。 该项目专门询问华裔媒体上的伊斯兰恐惧症、反黑人种族主义和反难民情绪。

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