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Calvin To

Calvin To, In 2021, he became a co-chair of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter.

Calvin To,2021年,他成为全加华人协进会(平权会)多伦多分会的联合主席。

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My Story

Calvin To was appointed as Co-Chair of CCNCTO's Board of Directors in September of 2021. He was previously a volunteer and board member. Calvin is a first generation Chinese Canadian whose family immigrated from Hong Kong in the 1970s. Now a law student at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, he has a former career as a broadcast journalist for TV stations in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. He is passionate about human rights and equity, and has given presentations on anti-Asian racism to groups of provincial Crown Attorneys along with other professionals. Calvin continues to be involved in efforts to monitor and combat anti-Asian racism across Canada.

2021年9月,Calvin To被任命为CCNCTO董事会的联合主席。他之前是一名志愿者和董事会成员。Calvin是第一代加拿大华人,他的家人在1970年代从香港移民过来。现在是多伦多奥斯古德-霍尔法学院的一名法律学生,他曾经在安大略省、萨斯喀彻温省和不列颠哥伦比亚省的电视台担任过广播记者。他热衷于人权和公平,并为省级皇家检察官团体和其他专业人士做了关于反亚裔种族主义的演讲。Calvin持续参与监督和打击加拿大各地反亚裔种族主义的工作。