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Cassandra Ma

Cassandra Ma, In 2021, she became a board secretary of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter.

Cassandra Ma, 2021年,她成为全加华人协进会(平权会)多伦多分会的董事会秘书。

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My Story

Cassandra Ma (she/her) is a labour, employment, and human rights lawyer with a passion for community activism. She has represented employers in litigation before various administrative tribunals and Canadian courts. She has also authored and contributed to a number of legal publications, including international textbooks and resources on labour and employment law.


In her spare time, Cassandra is an active volunteer within her community and a strong supporter of legal education initiatives. She also provides pro bono legal advice and acts as a volunteer board member for a number of non-profit organizations in Toronto.

Cassandra Ma(她/她)是一名从事解决劳动、就业和人权相关问题的律师,她热衷于社区活动。她曾代表雇主在各种行政法庭和加拿大法院进行诉讼。她还撰写了一些法律出版物,包括关于劳动和就业法的国际教科书和资源。