Empowering Refugees,
Eliminating Barriers and
Combating Misinformation
- Supporting Chinese
Refugees through
Education and Research

打击错误信息 - 通过教育和

This project aims to eliminate legal barriers for Chinese refugees by providing accessible legal information and resources, and through community consultation to better understand community needs. CCNCTO has partnered with Butterfly (Asian and Migrant Sex Worker Support Network) and the Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic (CSALC) with the funding from the Law Foundation of Ontario.

该项目旨在通过提供可获取的法律信息和资源,并通过社区咨询更好地了解社区需求,为华人难民消除法律障碍。 CCNCTO 在安大略省法律基金会的资助下与 Butterfly(亚洲和移民性工作者支持网络)以及中国和东南亚法律诊所 (CSALC) 合作。

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