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Solidarity With Frontline Workers
"关爱前线-互助社區" 计划

Throughout the pandemic, racialized and immigrant workers have been on the frontline providing critical services to all of us. Not only do they face the dangers of the pandemic, but also low wages, racism, limited pathways to permanent status, limited protections and insufficient funding and protection.  From grocery workers and drivers to care workers and health practitioners, without their tremendous contributions our society would come to a halt. At CCNCTO we have been doing our best to send a bit of love and solidarity to these workers in the Chinese Canadian community, providing them with PPE, food and useful information. 


Mr. Wang 王先生 Grocery Store Worker 超市工人

As a grocery worker through this pandemic, I feel that we are being left behind, a very often overlooked group. At the beginning of the epidemic, we did not have face masks and had to work a long time every day. Grocery store is such a small space and it is full of people. I work at the risk of my life every day. And I know that more than ten people are infected in the residential area near the store. If it is not controlled, I do not know what serious consequences it will cause. At the end of April, the government issued a policy to provide frontline workers with increased salary, but it does not include grocery workers…


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