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Neighborhood Outreach

We outreach to neighborhoods across the GTA, including York and Peel regions with an intergenerational volunteer team each week.

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Intergenerational Program

This program connects seniors and youths to build intergenerational relationships and cultivate cultural exchange.


Anti-racism & Fight Against anti-Asian Racism

CCNCTO has been a strong advocate for anti-racism work. During the pandemic, we have continued this in our fight against anti-Asian racism.

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Chinese Worker Organizing Project

We aim to build up Chinese workers’ power to fight for economic justice through direct outreach, organizing meetings, justice-based workshops and campaign involvement.

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Education Equity Project

We aim to train and increase the capacity of parents and students from the Chinese community to organize and advocate for equitable education policy.

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Empowering Refugees, Eliminating Barriers and Combating Misinformation - Supporting Chinese Refugees through Education and Research

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grocerystore outreach_photo.jpeg
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