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Chinese Youth Capacity Building

CCNCTO has worked to empower Chinese youth through various programming. We recognize that there are many barriers to advocacy. We know that the barriers facing Chinese youth, including those who are not proficient in the English language and newcomers, greatly impact Chinese youth’s capacity to advocate for themselves and their fellow community members. 

In order to build their capacity for advocacy our programming focuses on empowering Chinese youth through critical thinking, discussion, and volunteerism. These bilingual programs provide Chinese youth with safe spaces where they can access culturally relevant education and resources, build networks of solidarity in their communities, and celebrate their heritage.

CCNCTO’s current bi-weekly youth programming was borne out of the direction of several of CCNCTO’s more active youth members. Active youth members were interested in a bilingual space for critical thinking, discussion, and community building. As such, CCNCTO’s youth committee was formed. Our first programming occurred in September of 2021. The committee meets bi-weekly for youth programming and works together to decide topics of discussion and activities for future programming. So far, our youth committee members have discussed topics such as education advocacy and food justice. They have also engaged in activities such as watching a culturally relevant movie, cooking a cultural dish, and campaigning in the community to raise awareness against anti-Asian racism in school boards. With continued programming, our youth will further develop their capacity to discuss critical social justice issues and feel increasingly empowered to advocate for change and a more just society.

If you are interested in joining our team, please sign up as a CCNCTO volunteer here Also, to stay up to date with our latest youth programming initiatives and events, please follow us on Instagram @CCNCTO, add us on WeChat @Ccnctoronto, email us at, and/or subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here.







Youth Program Flyer with colourful bubbles and text that reads "CCNCTO's Youth Committee presents: Relationship Building!"
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