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This holiday season, CCNCTO is focused on highlighting community solidarity, resiliency, and power. We hope to fundraise an auspicious $8,888 to meet our community’s increasing demands, assist the most marginalized Chinese community members, and advocate for an equitable recovery. In particular, this fundraiser will recognize and support the Chinese workers who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and who often face exploitation and discrimination from their employers and larger systemic forces.

Your donation will directly contribute to CCNCTO’s outreach initiatives that provide community resources, information, and help to precarious Chinese workers. A portion of the donation will also contribute to New Year gift packages that will be distributed to Chinese workers in the community. These packages will include a 2023 Worker Calendar that helps workers fight wage theft and access necessary community resources, PPE, and various tokens of appreciation. 



After hearing about our fundraiser and Chinese worker organizing initiatives, TorontoTV reached out and conducted interviews with our CCNCTO staff Eleanor, and CCNCTO member and Chinese worker Mr. Bao! 

Eleanor's interview (English)

Mr. Bao's interview Bao先生的访问 (Mandarin 中文)

How does a 2023 Worker Calendar empower workers?

The calendar has been displayed as a prominent symbol for our 2022 Fundraiser. However, many of you may be asking, how does a calendar represent solidarity and contribute to the empowerment of Chinese workers?

Well, in community conversations with Chinese workers, we noticed how many workers used calendars to self-document their hours and pay. As we witnessed Chinese workers using wall calendars as a tool of empowerment, we sought to work alongside them to create the 2023 Worker Calendar. To read more about injustices facing workers and the collaborative process of creating our 2023 Worker Calendar:







As part of our commitment to empowering Chinese workers, CCNCTO will be distributing New Year Gift Packages, containing the 2023 Worker Calendars, PPE, and other various goodies, to Chinese workers and community members in our network. A portion of donations from our fundraiser will cover the cost of these packages. The remainder will support CCNCTO’s outreach initiatives that provide community resources, information, and help to precarious Chinese workers.


We hope that by sharing a print-friendly version of this calendar, we can continue spreading awareness about economic injustices facing Chinese workers and help empower and protect folks in precarious work everywhere!

Folks can print this calendar at home by clicking the button above. When printing the document, make sure to adjust your print properties so that the paper size matches your printer (A4 is standard) and adjust the print scale to "fit to printable area". The calendar should print to 27 pages. The calendar information is more legible if printed in colour ink, but you can adjust to black and white to print at home as well.


大家可以通过点击上面的按钮在家里打印这个日历。打印该文件时,请确保调整你的打印属性,使纸张大小与你的打印机相匹配(A4为标准),并将打印比例调整为 "适合可打印区域"。日历应该打印成27页。如果用彩色墨水打印,日历信息会更清晰,但你也可以调整为黑白打印,在家里也可以打印。