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Reports & Publications

Chinese Migrant Worker Report.png

Apr 2023 年 4 月

We partnered with Butterfly in late 2022 to interview 10 Chinese migrant workers in Toronto. Read about their immigration experiences and challenges in our full report.

Mar 2022 年 3 月

Anti-Asian Racism Across Canada Two Years Into The Pandemic.March 29-01.png

We report on the continued and concerning rise in anti-Asian racism and xenophobia across Canada.


Mar 2023 年 3 月

We present our research on how generations of Chinese Canadians understand their AAR experiences before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

我们报告关于跨代加拿大华人如何理解他们在 COVID-19 疫情之前和期间的反亚裔种族主义经历的研究。

2020 in Hindsight Community Report-01.png

Mar 2021 年 3 月

We discuss findings from COVID Reporting and Elimin8Hate on the rising anti-Asian and anti-Chinese racism.

我们讨论了 COVID Reporting 和 Elimin8Hate 关于反亚裔和反华种族主义上升的调查结果。

Pages from frontline_workers_report_CCNCTO.png

Sep 2021 年 9 月

We report on community-based research of the experiences of Chinese Canadian frontline workers in the GTA during the COVID-19 pandemic.

我们的社区研究报告搜集 COVID-19 疫情期间加拿大华裔一线工作者在大多伦多地区的经历。

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