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Placement at CCNCTO

Who is CCNCTO?

CCNCTO (The Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter) is a non-profit organization. We have been operating since 1980 to promote equity, social justice, inclusive civic participation, and respect for diversity. We primarily serve and work alongside Chinese Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area.

Why we're interested in nurturing students

We’ve mentored placement students in the past and we recognize how important it is to get new youth and community members involved in community-work. Even if folks don’t recognize it, they play an integral role in our communities just in their presence!

By supporting the growth and development of placement students, CCNCTO is not only support students’ learning, but we are also working to build up the new generation of community activists! Through community engagement, our placement students will learn the value of community-led work (recognizing the knowledge and expertise of community members and working alongside them) and will be able to better see the impact of their work.


Hybrid (mix of online researching
and work and in-person events).

Our office is located at:
Unit 105-1911 Kennedy Road,
, ON M1P 2L9.
Creatives Discussing Project


The placement student will work with CCNCTO's program coordinator and community engagement team to conduct a variety of tasks, which will vary based on the placement student’s interests, field of study, and experience. Duties will include, but are not limited to:
  • Attending internal work meetings;
  • Conducting solo-research and writing;
  • Conducting field research with community members;
  • Conducting outreach (in-person and digital) for feedback;
  • Analyzing and coordinating feedback;
  • Creating educational community resources;
  • Designing and leading presentations or workshops for community members;
  • Preparing briefs; and
  • Supporting current CCNCTO senior, worker, and/or youth programs and community
    research/advocacy projects.


CCNCTO is led by and serves Chinese
Canadians, which is reflected in our staff, Board, and volunteer base. As such, CCNCTO is looking for placement students with lived experience who identify as Chinese or Chinese Canadian.
Bilingual language skills in Mandarin, Cantonese, Fujianese, and/or another Chinese dialect are required of students (skills can be basic proficiency).
Experience with community outreach, organizing campaigns, and working in non-profit or community organizations is an asset. Depending on the placement student’s interests and field of study, qualifications may vary. 
Students who are interested in pursuing a placement with CCNCTO who do not meet all
qualifications are still encouraged to reach out and apply.
What Do We Provide Placement Students With?

Weekly check-ins
  • A staff member will be assigned with a placement student to provide weekly check-ins, where students will be able to share
    1) weekly updates, 2) challenges or issues facing them in their work,
    3) good news or positive feedback from their work, 4) their plans or goals for the upcoming week, and
    5) any questions or supports they have/need.

Monthly performance reviews
  • A staff member will be assigned with a placement student to conduct monthly performance reviews, which will help placement students identify their strengths and areas that they can continue to grow and develop at work. Reviews will foster accountability while also encouraging learning and development.

Unique work-structure
  • Our opportunities for flexible hybrid working emphasize community-engagement and as such will teach placement students the importance of many essential skills such as time management, organization, and communication.
    This will provide placement students with a taste of other workplaces and ensure that they are well-prepared for their future transition from student to employee in a workplace.
For Placement Students:
If you’re interested in working
with CCNCTO as a placement student,
please contact us

For Placement Programs: 
If you’re interested in partnering
with CCNCTO to offer positions
for placement students,
please contact us at
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