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Mission & Vision

使命 Mission


The Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNCTO) was formed in 1985. They are a non-profit organization made up of Chinese Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area that promote equity, social justice, inclusive civic participation, and respect for diversity. The first Chinese Canadian National Council was formed in 1980 in Ontario; however, CCNC has developed a nationwide presence, with many different chapters. CCNCTO is one of these chapters, which is completely separate and different rom CCNCSJ. Today, CCNCTO and CCNCSJ are completely separate organizations with different governance bodies, staff, membership and volunteers.


  1. To promote all rights of all individuals, in particular, those of Chinese Canadians and to encourage their full and equal participation in Canadian society.

  2. To create an environment in this country in which all rights of all individuals are fully recognized and protected.

  3. To promote understanding and cooperation between Chinese Canadians and all other ethnic, cultural and racial groups in Canada.

  4. To encourage and develop in persons of Chinese descent, a desire to know and to respect their historical and cultural heritage; to educate them in adopting a creative and positive attitude towards the Chinese Canadian contribution to society.

  5. To develop community resources through voluntary participation, community networks and coalition building.

  6. To educate, train and empower Chinese Canadians in civic participation, social and political advocacy through participant-led programs.

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