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Our Lives Are Essential
Chinese Canadian Frontline Workers Pandemic Report

Released by CCNCTO in 2021, the report documented the two-part community-based research project to reflect the experiences of working-class frontline workers from the Chinese Canadian immigrant population in the Greater Toronto Area during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The study consisted of a survey completed by 295 workers and community members cross multiple job sectors, and a community-led storytelling and interview project connecting youth volunteers with other workers and community members in an intergenerational exchange. The focus of the study was to collect qualitative data to assess community issues and areas for possible reform.


The majority of workers surveyed are employed in low-wage and high-risk sectors with workplace health and safety concerns. Many are working in the sectors of health care (personal support workers and nurses in long-term care, homecare and hospitals), retail (frontline workers in grocery stores), restaurant, production (factory workers) and construction.

The study showed that factors such as immigration status, gender, age, low wages, unsafe work conditions and lack of access to health care and income support impacted frontline workers in a myriad of ways and increased their vulnerability to health risks and socio-economic marginalization.


This report reflects demands for more progressive and robust policy changes that prioritize increasing resources and protections for workers.


The data from this study reveal the following aspects of frontline workers

during the COVID-19 pandemic:


  1. Frontline workers are working long hours for low wages under dangerous conditions.

  2. Workplaces feel unsafe for the majority of frontline workers.

  3. An overwhelming majority of frontline workers feel powerless to change their circumstances.

  4. Frontline workers are suffering from high stress and other negative mental health impacts.

  5. Workers are demanding meaningful policy and legislation changes that ensure working-class families’ equal access to decent and secure opportunities.

平权会 于 2021 年发布此调查报告,记录了一项由两部分组成的社区研究项目,以反映大多伦多地区加拿大华人移民中的工薪阶层在新冠疫情期间的经历。


该研究包括一项由从事不同职业的 295 名工人和社区成员共同完成的调查,以及一个社区主导的叙述和访谈项目,将青年志愿者与其他工人和社区成员联系起来进行跨代交流。该研究的重点是收集定性数据,评估社区存在的问题以及可以进行改革的领域。








1. 前线工作者在危险环境下工作,工时长,报酬低。

2. 大多数前线工作者在工作场所缺乏安全感。

3. 绝大多数前线工作者都觉得无力改变自己的处境。

4. 前线工作者都承受着高压和其他负面的心理健康影响。

5. 前线工作者们需要更为实际的政策和立法改革,确保工薪阶层家庭能够平等地获得既体面又安全的就业机会。

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