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For CCNCTO's 2023 Fundraiser, “IntergenerACTIONal Strength: Chinese Community-Making for Resilience”, we hope to raise a powerful $10,000 in our campaign from November 20th, 2023 to January 15th, 2024.
All generous donations will directly go towards CCNCTO’s efforts towards empowering intergenerational connections for resilience against racism and adversity in 2024.

我们 2023 年的筹款活动 “跨代行动的力量:华人社群 - 造就韧性” 希望能在 2023 年 11 月 20 日至 2024 年 1 月 15 日期间筹集到 $10,000 元的善款。

所有慷慨的捐款都将直接用于平权会在 2024 年为增强跨代际联系,以对抗种族主义和困境所做的努力。

To cherished community members, invested allies, and those we meet with open arms,

Right now, it’s a challenging time we live in.
At Chinese Canadian National Council (Toronto Chapter), it has been our guiding vision to champion and serve the urgent needs of our ever-growing community membership. In the difficult past few years we’ve all experienced, it’s clear that we need a strong sense of community more than ever. 

After the pandemic began, we witnessed demands from CCNCTO community members increase fivefold in response to unmet service needs. Our membership has grown from 50-100 monthly members to over 500 members seeking support and access to resources.





在疫情爆发后,我们见证了平权会社群成员因服务需求得不到满足而提出的要求增加了五倍。我们的会员人数从每月 50-100 名增加到超过 500 名,他们都在寻求支持和获取资源。

We know the concerns of community members
and caring allies, like you.

Within the critical findings of CCNCTO reports, we confronted the bracing impact of hate and racism rising throughout the height of COVID-19: anti-Asian racism is pervasive, emotionally and mentally distressing, and brought a sense of “无奈 Wu Nai” (hopelessness and helplessness).

Our CCNCTO community members identified
these ongoing needs:

  • Lack of resources to support those facing hate and racism;

  • Lack of intergenerational connection; and

  • Barriers to engaging in community-making spaces.



在平权会发布的报告所展示的重要调查结果中,我们直面了仇恨和种族主义在整个 COVID-19 高峰期所产生的强烈影响:反亚裔种族主义无处不在,给人带来情感和心理上的困扰,并带来一种无奈,无望,无助的感觉。




  • 缺乏资源来支持那些面临仇恨和种族主义的人;


  • 缺乏跨代际的联系;以及


  • 参与社群建设空间存在障碍。

CCNCTO has significant history and experience in delivering anti-racism programming to East and Southeast Asian communities.

Our past events have been multilingual, intergenerational, and cross-racial. We have addressed key aspects of community-building, solidarity, empowerment, and capacity-building, geared towards youth, seniors, the larger pan-Asian community, and more.

  • We know our goals wholeheartedly:
    Since 2021, we have targeted our anti-racism programming towards building youth and senior capacity and solidarity.

  • We’ve got the numbers to prove it:
    We have successfully hosted over 50 intergenerational events with more than 1000 annual participants over the past two years.
    We held at least 18 of them in 2023 alone.

  • We’re only just getting started:
    Our extensive work to build up cross-racial community events to combat racism included promoting pan-Asian community solidarity. This work has ramped up since 2022.



  • 我们非常清楚我们的目标:自2021年以来,我们的反种族主义项目一直以培养青少年和老年人的能力和支持团结为目标。


  • 我们有数据为证:在过去的两年里,我们成功举办了超过 50 场跨代际活动,每年参与者超过 1000 人。仅在 2023 年,我们就举办了至少 18 场活动。


  • 我们才刚刚起步:我们广泛开展跨种族的社群活动,推动泛亚裔社群的支持团结,以打击种族主义。这项工作自 2022 年以来一直在加强。