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Community Research: Chinese Migrant Workers' Immigration Experiences 社区研究:华裔移工的移民经历

Updated: Aug 14

From September to December 2022, CCNCTO and Butterfly interviewed 10 Chinese migrant workers in Toronto who have faced challenges with obtaining immigration status and who have been scammed, abused, or exploited by immigration agents, consultants, and lawyers.

Our report has (1) documented common experiences Chinese migrant workers had as they worked with legal representatives (2) included suggestions and tips developed collaboratively with Chinese migrant workers regarding how to protect your rights while working with immigration professionals, (3) included calls to action for legal professionals, community members, and service providers have also been outlined in the report.

2022 年 9 月至 12 月,平权会与迁蝶采访了 10 位在多伦多生活的华裔移工,了解了他们在获得移民身份的的过程中遇到的挑战,和曾受到移民代理、顾问和律师的欺诈、侵犯或剥削。


Read the full report here:


LFO Community report_V1_041723 (1)
Download PDF • 439KB

Read the immigration resource produced by the project:


Migrant Rights and Immigration Laws: How to best work with legal professionals (English)

认识您的权利移⺠权利与移⺠法:如何与法律专业人士合作 (中文)

Migrant Rights and Immigration Laws: Spousal or Partner Sponsorship (English)

认识您的权利移⺠权利与移⺠法:配偶赞助 (中文)

Migrant Rights and Immigration Laws: Humanitarian & Compassionate (H&C) Applications (English)

认识您的权利移⺠权利与移⺠法: 人道主义和同情居留申请? (中文)

Summary of the report:


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