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What We Do

Reaching out to the grassroots

Designing and carrying out programs in the interest of Chinese Canadians residing in the greater Toronto area, especially marginalized groups, responding to and serving grassroots concerns, recruiting and developing our membership and leadership from the grassroots, maintaining close liaison with other Chinese Canadian and organizations in the GTA.

Working in the areas of civil rights and race relations

Monitoring the media, fighting negative stereotyping, and individual and institutional racism, race relations conferences and seminars, community education and advocacy and partnerships with other advocacy groups which align with our mandate

Volunteer development and leadership training

Volunteer recruitment and development programs, leadership training, volunteer activities, and orientation programs.

Political awareness and participation

Organizing all candidates meetings, open forums on public policy, encouraging Chinese Canadians to take part in public decision making, submissions to different levels of government, lobbying the government for institutional equity as well building coalitions with other equity seeking and social justice organizations.

Cultural and social activities

Heritage festivals, street fairs, special socio-culture projects and community activities, resource library, historical and cultural heritage research and exhibitions, membership newsletter.

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