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Anti-racism & Fight Against
anti-Asian Racism


CCNCTO has been a strong advocate for anti-racism work. We work closely with communities impacted by racism, various research institutions, and different levels of government to fight racism. Through community dialogues, awareness raising, and capacity building, marginalized community members who are used to being excluded from larger policy work can participate in the process and fight racism collectively. 


Our work includes a community-sourced anti-Asian racism reporting platform, which is a joint initiative with Project 1907. In 2021 and 2022 our organizations published national reports on anti-Asian racism. Both the reporting platform and reports can be found at Our reports received wide media attention and increased national awareness on anti-Asian racism. .

Additionally, CCNCTO has hosted various anti-racism and racial solidarity community education workshops and capacity-building trainings for Chinese-speaking community members and youths on the topics of anti-Asian racism, anti-Black racism, anti-Indigeneity, and anti-refugee sentiment. These events have been well-received by folks in our community, as they are often culturally relevant and linguistically accessible to Chinese Canadian community members. 


Most recently, CCNCTO led a community-based research project that investigated the impact of misinformation and hate speech in Chinese language online media, funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage. This project specifically interrogated Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, and anti-refugee sentiment across Chinese language online media. 


If you are interested in joining our team, please sign up as a CCNCTO volunteer here Also, to stay up to date with our latest anti-racism initiatives and events, please follow us on Instagram @CCNCTO, add us on WeChat @Ccnctoronto, email us at, and/or subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here.









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