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Education Equity Project

Our Education Equity project aims to build Chinese caregivers’ and students’ capacities to organize and advocate for equitable education policy. This project is a result of partnership with the Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR), Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA), Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators (ONABSE), and the Tamil Canadian Centre for Civic Action (TCCCA). 


By working alongside caregivers and students and collaborating with other community organizations, stakeholders, and teachers' unions, our community members can better advocate against racial discrimination and for fair education rights for all, including Chinese students. 

Our education equity work is meant to promote systemic changes. Our work is concerned with:

  • Racism and bullying at school

  • Injustice in the education system

  • Mental health of Chinese students

  • Curriculum changes to reflect diverse Canadian histories

  • Equitable and diversified recruitment practices 

  • Mandatory paid anti-racism and anti-bias training

We are continuing our work by:

  • Engaging more students, caregivers, community members and organizations, stakeholders, teachers unions, etc to raise awareness on the topic of educational equity (including in curriculum, educator recruitment, and mental health support) 

  • Working closely with elected school board trustees who have expressed the urge to combat anti-Asian racism in schools

  • Hold more events and discussions to help make transformative changes in schools

If you are interested in joining the Education Equity project, please sign up as a CCNCTO volunteer here Also, to stay up to date with our latest initiatives and events, please follow us on Instagram @CCNCTO (check out the highlight reel titled ‘School Racism’), add us on WeChat @Ccnctoronto, email us at, and/or subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here.






  • 学校中的种族歧视和霸凌行为

  • 教育系统中的不公正现象

  • 华裔学生的心理健康

  • 修改课程以反映加拿大的多样性历史

  • 公平和多样化的招聘方式 

  • 强制性有偿的反种族歧视和反偏见培训



  • 让更多的学生、照顾者、社群成员和组织、利益相关者、教师工会等参与进来,提高对教育公正这一主题的认识(包括在课程、教育工作者招聘和心理健康支助方面)。

  • 有些当选的学校董事会理事们表示要打击学校中的反亚裔种族歧视,我们与他们密切合作

  • 举办更多的活动和讨论,以帮助学校进行改革


如果你有兴趣加入“教育公正项目”,请在这里登记成为平权会的志愿者:。此外,要想了解我们的最新举措和活动,请在Instagram上关注我们@CCNCTO(查看高光标出的题为 《学校种族歧视》的视频),在微信上添加我们@Ccnctoronto,向我们发送电子邮件,和/或在这里订阅我们的电子月报

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