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Chinese Worker
Organizing Project

Our Chinese Workers Organizing Project aims to empower Chinese workers. Specifically through direct outreach, organizing meetings, justice-based workshops and campaign involvement we aim to work alongside Chinese workers to create systemic change that benefits all. Our work aims to connect marginalized Chinese workers with the larger labour movement and to empower them with knowledge and tools to take action improving individual and collective working conditions.

As part of our Workers Organizing Project, CCNCTO and members support policy change, including campaigns such as Status for All, fairer labour laws including paid sick leave and raising the minimum hourly wage. 

For more information, please read our community-lead research report: Our Lives Are Essential: Chinese Canadian Frontline Workers Pandemic Report.

If you are interested in joining our organizing project, please sign up as a CCNCTO volunteer here Also, to stay up to date with our latest initiatives and events, please follow us on Instagram @CCNCTO, add us on WeChat @Ccnctoronto, email us at, and/or subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here.





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We hope that by sharing a print-friendly version of this calendar, we can continue spreading awareness about economic injustices facing Chinese workers and help empower and protect folks in precarious work everywhere! Folks can print this calendar at home by clicking the button above. When printing the document, make sure to adjust your print properties so that the paper size matches your printer (A4 is standard) and adjust the print scale to "fit to printable area". The calendar should print to 28 pages. The calendar information is more legible if printed in colour ink, but you can adjust to black and white to print at home as well. 

我们希望通过分享这个日历的打印版本,我们可以继续传播对华裔工人所面临的经济上不公平的认识,并帮助授权和保护各地从事不稳定工作的人们。 大家可以通过点击上面的按钮在家里打印这个日历。打印该文件时,请确保调整你的打印属性,使纸张大小与你的打印机相匹配(A4为标准),并将打印比例调整为 "适合可打印区域"。日历应该打印成28页。如果用彩色墨水打印,日历信息会更清晰,但你也可以调整为黑白打印,在家里也可以打印。

Chinese Workers' Stories and Experiences

Ms. X and Finding Courage with CCNCTO

Screen Shot 2022-12-15 at 11.17.09 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-15 at 11.17.41 AM.png

Mr. Bao and Fighting
For What We Deserve with CCNCTO
Bao 先生跟平权

May and Fighting for
a Better Future

May 1 English_edited_edited.jpg
May 2 Chinese_edited.jpg
Worker Comics
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