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Intergenerational Program

CCNCTO aims to empower our community members through intergenerational programming that can connect Chinese youth, adults, and seniors in our community. 

In the past, our intergenerational programming connected Chinese youth and seniors, building intergenerational relationships and cultivating cultural exchange. This programming included weekly online Zoom meetings where youth and seniors engaged in storytelling, singing, and art activities. Through this programming, participants received volunteer hours and letters of recommendation, developed friendships and solidarities, and learned how to plan and facilitate workshops. 

We plan to conduct further intergenerational programming. If you are interested in joining our team, please sign up as a CCNCTO volunteer here Also, to stay up to date with our latest intergenerational initiatives and events, please follow us on Instagram @CCNCTO, add us on WeChat @Ccnctoronto, email us at, and/or subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here.





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