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Since 1980, CCNCTO has been organizing with Chinese Canadians in Toronto to advocate for racial and economic justice and to build up our community’s capacity to engage in collective action for change. Our programming and advocacy efforts have been informed by the knowledge and experiences of our members, including Chinese youth, parents, workers, and seniors. 


As a grassroots organization, CCNCTO focuses on developing our community’s local capacity to create change. Not only do we do this work in our communities, but we are also accountable to (and held accountable by) our communities, which keeps our work and its impact relevant.


By supporting our work, your donations will go directly to supporting the various costs related to our youth, worker, and senior services, programming, and advocacy efforts. CCNCTO is a provincially incorporated non-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada. Please note that this is NOT a charitable donation receipt for tax purposes.


We are also happy to receive your donation by cheque. Please make your cheque out to the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter and mail it to Unit 105 - 1911 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, ON, M1P 2L9 


If you have any questions, please email us at

自1980年以来,平权会 一直与多伦多的加拿大华人一同倡导种族正义和经济正义,提升社区集体行动的能力,从而推动改变。我们的项目和宣传工作一直以我们的成员,包括华裔青年、家长、工人和长者的知识和经验为依据。


作为一个草根组织,平权会 致力于发展本地社区创造改变的能力。我们不仅在我们的社区中开展工作,同时还对社区负责,并接受其监督,从而使我们的工作和影响能够持续发挥作用。


通过支持我们的工作,您的捐赠将直接用于支持我们的青年、工人和长者服务、以及各种项目和宣传工作相关的各种费用。平权会 是一个在加拿大多伦多注册的省级非营利组织。请注意,这不是用于税务目的的慈善捐赠收据。


我们也很乐意接受您的支票捐赠。请将您的支票抬头写成“Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter”,并寄到 Unit 105 - 1911 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, ON, M1P 2L9



Thank you for helping CCNCTO make a difference!
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