Dominic Chung

Dominic Chung, In 2021, he became a Director of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter.

Dominic Chung, 2021年,他成为全加华人协进会(平权会)多伦多分会的董事。

Dominic Chung, MD      

Family Medicine PGY2

University of Toronto




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My Story

Dominic Chung (he/him) is a resident physician training at the University of Toronto. He is passionate about epidemiology, queer issues and health equity. He earned his Doctor of Medicine at the Max Rady College of Medicine where he served as an executive board member of the Advocacy Committee. In this role, he has worked closely with marginalized communities and lobbied for policy reform. He has a strong research background and critical appraisal skills, highlighted by his work in traumatology and quality improvement. As a doctor working in the pandemic, he can provide insight on the direct barriers that patients face. As a board member, he hopes to facilitate systemic change and refine his skills to become a more well-rounded clinician.

Dominic Chung(他/他)是一名在多伦多大学接受培训的住院医生。他热衷于研究流行病学、同性恋问题和健康公平(确保每个人都有机会尽可能地保持健康)。他在Max Rady医学院获得了医学博士学位,并在那里担任宣传委员会的执行董事。在这个职位上,他与边缘化社区密切合作,为政策改革进行游说。他有专业的的研究背景和绝佳的批判性评价能力,他在创伤学和质量改进方面的工作突出了这一点。作为一名在大流行病盛行期间工作的医生,他就患者所面临的直接障碍提供了许多自己的见解。作为董事会成员,他希望能促进系统性的变革,并不断完善自己的技能,成为一名更全面的临床医生。