Partner Organizations

Chinese Canadian National Council (National Office)
CCNC is a social justice and anti-racism advocacy group that promotes the rights of all Canadians. It focuses on encouraging the participation of Chinese Canadians in all fields of society.

Chinese Interagency Network (CIN)
Chinese Interagency Network of Greater Toronto is an umbrella organization of 33 social and health service agencies. Its member agencies provide a wide range of vital services to the Chinese Canadian education, advocacy, physical and mental health services, English language and citizenship classes, family counseling, employment service legal services.

Alternative Planning Group (APG)
The Alternative Planning Group is a collaboration between four organizations from equity seeking communities in Toronto. APG has worked together on a number of issues related to Social Inclusion and Alternative Social Planning. Members of this group include:

Council of Agencies Serving South Asians

Hispanic Development Council

African Canadian Social Development Council

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The City of Toronto

The Ontario Trillium Foundation

Status of Women Canada

New Horizons for Seniors, Human Resources and Social Development Canada



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