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Co-Chair 联合主席
Alex Chandra
RSW, MSW (she/her)

Alex is a social work professional with 10+ years’ experience across diverse nonprofit sectors. Having spent many years working in grassroots community development and frontline service roles, she now focuses on nonprofit leadership. Her roles involve building sustainable organizations, supporting team growth, and scaling up projects. She is passionate about housing rights, harm reduction, diversity & equity, and community empowerment. Alex hopes to bring her nonprofit background to help CCNCTO increase the scope of our community impact and the sustainability of the organization. She looks forward to collaborating with the CCNCTO community, and learning from members’  incredible knowledge & expertise. Please do not hesitate to connect with Alex if you have questions, suggestions, or ideas for collaboration!

Alex 是一位社会工作专业人士,在不同的非营利领域拥有 10 多年的经验。 她在基层社区发展和一线服务岗位上工作了多年,现在专注于非营利组织的领导。 她的职责包括建立可持续的组织、支持团队成长和扩大项目规模。 她热衷于住房权、减少伤害、多样性和公平以及社区赋权。 Alex 希望利用她的非营利背景来帮助平权会(多伦多分会)扩大我们的社区影响范围和组织的可持续性。 她期待与平权会的社区合作并学习其优秀的知识以及专业技能。

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