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Board Director 理事会成员
Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang, In 2022, she became a Director of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter.


My Story

Jing is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto's Master of Education program, she is thrilled to continue her journey with the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNCTO) as a returning board member in 2024. After graduation from her bachelor's degree in mainland China, she embarked on a career as an education counselor, accumulating over eight years of professional experience. Throughout this period, she has remained actively involved in voluntary services and community activities. Her interest in CCNCTO ignited upon her arrival in Toronto in August 2022. The organization's impactful programs and activities strongly aligned with her passion for addressing and serving grassroots concerns. Looking forward to 2024, she aims to contribute to the growth and development of CCNCTO. She is deeply grateful for the opportunity to continue serving this vibrant community and to further the organization's impactful mission. 


Jing刚从多伦多大学教育硕士项目毕业,并很高兴能够在 2024 年继续在CCNCTO承担理事会成员。 本科毕业后,Jing成为了一名教育咨询顾问,积累了八年多的工作经验。 在此期间,Jing一直积极参与志愿服务和社区活动。 2022 年 8 月抵达多伦多后,Jing对 CCNCTO 产生了兴趣。并十分赞赏其富有影响力的项目和活动。 展望 2024 年,Jing十分感激能有这个机会,为CCNCTO的持续发展、社区服务做出贡献。

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