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Board Director 理事会成员
Kedi Zhao

Kedi Zhao is a PhD candidate at the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. Rooting his work in the communities of immigrants and migrants, he adopts the lenses of decolonization and social justice in his research to understand and tackle challenges faced by these communities. For example, his research interests include immigrants’ and migrants’ cultural adaptation, anti-Asian racism, and health inequity. He has also been working with different communities of immigrants and migrants over the past seven years. Particularly, he has been advocating social justice for international students  and promoting their well-being in Canadian society. In his prospective role as a member of the Board of Directors, he hopes to contribute to CCNCTO through his academic background and improve the well-being of Chinese communities through his research.


Kedi Zhao是多伦多大学 Factor-Inwentash 社会工作学院的博士生。 他的工作扎根植根于永久移民和移民社区,并在研究中采用去非殖民化和社会正义的视角来理解和应对这些社区面临的挑战。 例如,他的研究兴趣包括永久移民和移民的文化适应、反亚裔种族主义和健康不平等。 在过去的七年里,他还一直与不同的移民社区和移民朋友一起工作。 特别是,他一直在倡导国际学生的社会正义,提升促进他们在加拿大社会中的福祉。 在未来担任董事会成员期间,他希望通过自己的学术背景为平权会(多伦多分会)做出贡献,并通过自己的研究改善华人社区的福祉。

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