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Ping Gu 顾平

Ping Gu (she/her), In 2020, she became a Director of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter.


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My Story

Guping (she/her) in 2020 became the director of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNC TO). She has a doctoral degree and has 45 years of experience teaching in university classrooms. Her experience also includes travelling to Britain, Australia, and United States between 1982 – 1998 as a visiting scholar and has collaborated abroad in scientific research. Immigrating to Canada in 2010, Guping actively integrated into Canadian culture and society. This resulted in being honoured for the Leading Women Building Communities Award in 2017 due to her passionate and dedicated contributions to the community. Furthermore, in 2019, she completed the Local Champions Program, which focused on building community leadership capacity and knowledge. She subsequently became a member of the Local Champions Network, which is dedicated to organizing various community activities. Some of her qualities include being optimistic, open minded, hardworking, persevering, thoughtful, and centred in grassroots-based community leadership.


顾平(她/她)在2020年成为加拿大华人全国委员会多伦多分会(CCNC TO)的理事。 本科毕业,博士学位,大学任教45年。1982—1998年间先后赴英、澳、美作访问学者和合作科研。 2010年移居加拿大后积极融入加国文化和社会, 2017年,基于对社区工作的热情和贡献,获安省颁发的"领先妇女建设社区奖 "的荣誉。2019年完成Local Champions(本地冠军)举办的“社区领导知识和能力”的培训,成为Local Champion Network成员,致力于举办社区各种活动。她思维积极、开放,工作勤奋、坚持,具有较强的观察能力和社区基层领导能力。

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